Allie’s first playdates

tim chan —  January 14, 2012 — Leave a comment

What’s cuter than one baby? Two! Here are some photos of Allie’s first few playdates. It seems like all her little friends are boys so far.

Allie, meet Tobias. You can call him Toby. He is 4 weeks older than you, and his parents Lucas and XiaoMing are good friends of your parents. Allie and Toby, this is what happened on your playdate: You both ate together. Then you did a photo session together. Then you both pooped. Then you both cried. Then you both got changed. And then you both fell asleep. Fun right?

























































Allie, meet Collin. Collin is 9 months older than you. You kids are in the same small group. What’s a small group? Well, we’ll explain that to you when you’re older.