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[We recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. Thinking back, attending a marriage conference was one of the memories that stood out to us. This is a guest post by our dear friend, Monica Garibay, who incidentally attended the same marriage conference we did.]

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Christian marriage conference. My husband and I decided to go not because we had a particular problem to solve, or because we were on the edge of divorce. Rather, we saw it as an opportunity to get away and work more on our relationship. I believe that human beings are social beings. However, interpersonal relations are the hardest to keep healthy and strong on a continuous basis unless we make a conscious effort of doing so. When my friends ask my opinion about whether or not attending a marriage conference is worth it, I tell them about my experience.

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[This guest post is by Cindy Brandt, who is generously offering her new book “Outside In” for FREE. Details at the bottom of this post.]

“If the Christian is too busy to stop, take spiritual inventory, and receive his assignments from God, he becomes a slave to the tyranny of the urgent.”
~ Charles Hummel

The city we served in as missionaries had a population of 13 million people. We joke that it’s the biggest city no one’s ever heard of. Let’s assume Jesus had a good model of leading 12 disciples. In order to make disciples of 13 million, doing the quick math, we would need 1.08 million Christian leaders. At the time we were serving, our organization had a whopping 60 members! Anyone who has ever served in any capacity in ministry can tell you: The needs are unrelenting. There is always more, more, and more to do for ministry staff and volunteers.

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[This is a guest post by our friend, the lovely Danica Grunert]

Last Saturday I was delighted to attend the opening day of the 5th annual Vancouver Christmas Market with my husband Matthew and our daughters Adora (12) and Grace (10). This is our first year living in the Vancouver area, so it was an extra special treat to take in this festive and traditional event.

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[This is a guest post by Preston Davis]

As parents, we don’t particularly enjoy entertaining the idea that one day we may not be around to take care of our child. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses do occur so it is important to have a plan in place. There are many decisions a couple will make while raising their child, some occurring as soon as you and your partner find out you are expecting. One of the most important decisions should be choosing who is to raise your child in the event of a tragedy, for your child could face even more trauma if you haven’t taken the time to select the best potential Godparent.

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[This is a guest post by Randy Hamm from The Marriage Mentor. He has been working with premarital and married couples for over 10 years.]

“Um, to be honest, what would we talk to a mentor about for 6 hours?”

I had just explained that I usually recommend a minimum of three, 2-hour sessions (for a total of 6 hours) for premarital mentoring. The bride-to-be (let’s call her Kate) on the other end of the line couldn’t imagine needing to talk for so long about their relationship. I had them complete an online assessment, and once they began to see their assessment results, they decided that it couldn’t hurt. Halfway through the second session they, specifically the guy (let’s call him Will), commented how much they enjoyed the process: exploring their differences, looking at the families they came from and their styles of communication. Now they are eager to get to the next topics of discussion (finances, sexuality, kids, etc).

I’ve seen dozens of couples in the Vancouver area make discoveries like this.
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[“Courage Is” is a guest post series of readers sharing their personal stories of courage and what it means to live courageously. This is Laura W.‘s story.]

I’ve struggled with body image issues and being significantly overweight since about grade 4. When classmates started to notice (and care) that I was heavy, I started to get made fun of for it. Kids can be mean. They said things no one should have to hear, and even wrote things on bathroom walls for me to find during breaks between high school classes.
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[This is a guest post by Toma Doo of Canadian Office Supplies, a family friend that Tim works for, helping with their web marketing, website, blogging, SEO, and social media]

It’s September and all the students are back to school. I remember the years when I was a student and the feelings associated with the start of school. It was a mixture of

  • Disappointment – about the end of the long summer days of sleeping in, watching movies, going to the beach, and vacationing
  • Dread – from knowing that this would be the beginning of long classes, lots of homework, group projects, and difficult exams
  • Anticipation – of getting to reunite with friends, interacting with favourite teachers, and starting to learn again.

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[“What I Learned” is a guest post series of lessons learned in relationships that matter the most (you can send us your story too). This guest post is by fellow blogger Ngina Otiende.]

Words have creative power.

The universe was created with words.

In marriage and when life gets busier – kids, career commitments e.t.c – the small things tend to suffer first.
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