Fight With Me [Our Free eBook]

tim chan —  October 24, 2012 — 18 Comments

Fight With Me: How We Learned to be Married is now available! In this first book we’ve written together, we give a fresh perspective of our first few years of marriage – the joys and the difficulties, the fights we had, the lessons we learned, and how we tried to make the most of that time.

Fight With Me: How We Learned to be MarriedThis is not a “how to” book, but a “how we” book. We aren’t experts on the topic and our experience is guaranteed to be different from yours, but we share our story in hopes that you might benefit from our thoughts and reflections on this important season of marriage. Our desire is that you, our reader, can find in us a friendly voice to accompany you on your journey forward.

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The book is also available as a Paperback or on Kindle, where it has been ranked #1 on Kindle Canada’s Best Seller List for Marriage Books. Here are some reader reviews of the book. Fight With Me has been downloaded by over 6000 people since it was released.

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