Happy Nappy Diaper Service, Review After 7 Months

olive chan —  July 13, 2012 — 12 Comments

It’s been 7 months since we started using Happy Nappy Cloth Diaper Service and I thought it would be a good time to write another review.  I did an initial review of the pre-birth starter package, and another review two months in.  But I’ve had some people ask me more recently if we’re still happy with their service.  In summary, we are.  [Update: As of Feb 2013, in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, this diaper service company is now called Happy Baby Cheeks. There is no more Happy Nappy in Vancouver. Most of the below still applies but there have been some changes. Read their review here.]

Happy Nappy Cloth Diapers

Pictured above are two medium size Happy Nappy Cloth Diapers. The orange is an older version and the white is a newer version.

The strengths of Happy Nappy continue to be their excellence of service, the convenience of not having to wash diapers and the fact that cloth diapers are awesome.  In the past seven months, our baby hasn’t even had one bout of diaper rash.  That makes us happy.

As our baby has grown and changed, her diapering needs have also changed.  Happy Nappy has been a helpful resource in helping us adapt to those changes and find solutions to her needs.  At one point, I found myself cleaning poopy covers and clothes every single day.  It turned out that our daughter was a bit skinny for the fit of the diaper and eventually, she grew into it and the problem resolved itself.

Happy Nappy cloth diaper with added liner (darker orange material)

When she started sleeping for longer stretches at night (12 hours between diaper changes), she’d wake up uncomfortable and her clothes would be wet in the mornings because the diaper would soak through.  After consulting Happy Nappy about it, they sent me some liners to add to the diaper for increased absorption, as well as a couple Motherease covers to try for overnight use (more about the covers below).  With the liners and the new covers, my problem was solved.  I was impressed that the liners were included in the price of the diaper service and that they would send me covers to try for free.  At no point did they pressure me to rent or buy the covers from them.  They only charged me rental for the covers after I indicated to them whether I wanted to keep them.

There was one week where we had planned to go on vacation for four days and the days we would be away were over our delivery day (Friday).  I contacted Happy Nappy about the upcoming trip and we ended up working it out so that they delivered two week’s worth of diapers the week before we would leave, skipped a pickup and got the two weeks worth back the week after our vacation.  I was fine with being charged the weekly rate as usual.

Motherease Air-Flow cover with snaps (available in various prints)

Prior to the overnight leakage problem, I had been using Bummis Super Whisper Wraps that I’d bought off Craigslist as our covers.  They had worked pretty well so I’d stuck with them.  But after Happy Nappy sent me the Motherease Air-flow covers to try, I understood why they recommend Motherease covers to use with their cloth diapers.  They’d originally lent me the covers for overnight use only but I liked them so much that I bought a bunch to use regularly all day.  The fit is more generous for the bum and the closures around the waist and legs are more snug.  I haven’t had any more overnight leaks with the Motherease covers.  And I only occasionally get poopy clothes (usually, the cover catches any poop that might leak from the diaper).  In contrast, nearly every time our baby poops in a disposable, it literally explodes everywhere.  Also, I found that the Motherease covers don’t smell of urine as easily as the Bummis (usually a hot water cycle gets rid of it).

One more note about the covers: as our baby has become more mobile and grabby, I’ve appreciated having snaps on the covers so she can’t undo them.  Our previous covers were Velcro, which was great when she was younger and we had to do middle-of-the-night changes (snaps are hard to do up when you’re half-awake).  But we like the snaps better now that she is older.

Odour Control
In my last review, I mentioned that we’d gotten to a point where our diaper pail was close to overflowing by the week’s end.  Happy Nappy remedied that by providing a second bag so that we could swap out a bag mid-week.  We’ve continued to use the two-bag system and it’s great.  Even though our baby uses less diapers now than in the initial months, it’s still nice to have the extra bag to change out in the middle of the week.  It definitely helps to cut down on any odours.

The other thing that is supposed to help with odour control is the carbon filter in the lid of the diaper pail.  So far, we’ve changed ours every 1.5 months or so.  Although I’m not sure exactly how much odour it absorbs (but then again, I have a high sensitivity to smell…).  Anyway, it’s only $3 per filter so we think it’s worth it.

Diaper Fit
The only weak spot I have found with their diapers is that their construction is inconsistent.  For the most part, they generally fit the same way.  But there seem to be two batches – an older batch made of orange microfleece on the inside, and a newer batch made with white microfleece on the inside.  My husband and I both like the fit and feel of the older, orange coloured ones.  The newer ones are sometimes too bunched up (apparently, it’s because they haven’t been stretched out through washing yet).  And the snaps on the newer ones sometimes don’t work.  When we come across one with faulty snaps, we set it aside and give it to our driver separately at the next pick up so that they can fix it.

Excellent service
I cannot emphasize enough how excellent their service is.  I sometimes need to adjust the number of diapers needed per week and they have been very accommodating.  They will reply my emails within a day.  They have been super helpful with my questions.  And the one time I realized they’d forgotten to include liners in the delivery, I notified them.  And the driver, Rick, came back to drop some off that very afternoon.

Great Referral Program
One final comment.  They have a great referral program!  This summer, they changed their policy so that only customers using pre-authorized bank withdrawal could qualify for their referral perks.  We had been paying by credit card so we switched to pre-authorized payment.  The free week shows up on your statement when your referral begins using the service.  So far, we’ve received 2 weeks free, and we have another two referrals in the hopper.  With their generous policy of 4 referrals = free service, we are looking forward to free diaper service sometime in the near future!

So there you have it.  Part three of my Happy Nappy Diaper Service review.  I hope this series has been helpful to you.  If it has and you decide to sign up, please mention to them that you read Olive’s review.  (Just so they know, and in case we have another baby to diaper some day. ;p )

Thanks for reading and happy diapering!

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  • Mathew Ma

    Hi Olive,
    Read it through….since I have no knowledge on the matter, all I can say is that it is like reading a book review. As long as it works and Alena is happy…it does it job…..All the best…
    Planning for the next one yet?
    Bui Goh

  • I have never heard of a service like this. One thing about cloth nappies that I don’t like is the fact that you have to keep washing it. Now that I know that someone else can actually do it for you, I might be changing my opinion about it.

    • olive chan

      Kath, I agree. Before I found the diaper service, I liked the idea of cloth diapers but didn’t like having to clean them. Glad you stopped by our site!

  • Hi Olive, Crystal here (I referred to you for your first week of free service!)

    We’ve been using Happy Nappy for 2 months now and LOVE them. I also liked the Motherease covers, we rented them for the first 6 weeks or so. I wanted to share with you a nighttime solution that we discovered about 2 weeks in and it’s been GREAT! Wool! I love, love, love wool covers and they fit really well with our diapers. We are really happy with http://www.lambielove.com I have 2 of their one-size wool wraps with extra wool insert and 1 of their soakers. We are doing wool full-time now so you’d only need 1 or 2 if you’re using just for nighttime.

    How does wool work?

    Wool has the amazing ability to repel and absorb. It can absorb up to 30% of it’s weight in liquid and will not feel wet until it has soaked up 60% of it’s weight. In addition the absorbent abilities of wool, it also has antibacterial powers and will not harbor odor causing microbes. The porous nature of wool allows any moisture to absorb then evaporate into the air–never giving the moisture a chance to fester and cause odor. Because of this, wool only needs to be hand-washed once every week or two unless soiled.

    It keeps baby Madison as dry as possible through the night when 12 hours or so might go by between a diaper change (we don’t change overnight unless she poops). In the morning you just hang the wool to dry and use it again the next night. I love that it’s a natural material and doesn’t keep the moisture IN like motherease does (especially for nighttime).

    Thought I’d share what works for us :-)

    I’m looking forward to free diaper service in the future. We have 1 referral and are working on getting 3 more!

    • olive chan

      Congrats, Crystal, on the birth of your baby! Glad to hear you’re liking Happy Nappy. Thanks for the tip about wool covers. I have another friend who recommended them to me but I hadn’t looked into them yet. We are just about to need the next size up so I think I will check out your link and consider them! Hope you get your other three referrals soon! =)

  • Nice post and Thanks for this useful information:-)

  • Hi Olive,
    I found your blog whilst doing research regarding the happy nappy diaper service company. We’re expecting our first this December and we’re hoping to use a diaper service for the first couple of months before transitioning into cloth diapering sans service! Thanks for your review – it’s very helpful for diligent (read, anxious) first-time parents :)
    How should I use you as a referral? In the comment section upon sign-up? Let me know so I can do so for you. Thanks!

    • olive chan

      Hi Sharon, Congratulations! What an exciting time for you. Thanks for checking out my blog and being willing to put me as a referral! Noting it in the comments section of the registration should be fine – or if you sign up over the phone, you can mention my name to them then too. All the best!

  • CJ

    Thanks for this info! I’m currently reviewing nappy services for our new arrival in November and this has been great! Thanks again :)

  • Becky Bridges France

    hello, i am thinking of purchasing some Happy Nappy diapers for a friend who is haviing her 1st baby. My boys are 30 and 21 years old so i am a bit out of the loop. Can you tell me what i need to purchase? Diapers, liners, covers pins…or what. Bless you for advise.