A great way to help new parents

tim chan —  January 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

We are part of an amazing small group from my church (Tenth Church). Every two months we serve the community. In November we put together 6 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. This month, the group decided to come to our place and serve our family.

to do list

photo credit: john.schultz via photopin cc

As new parents, taking care of Alena occupies most of our time. In the meantime, our to-do list grows and grows. This list consists of things that we need to do that are not urgent yet.

Last night, our small group came to our place and spent the evening helping us work on this “not-yet-urgent-but-soon-to-be-urgent” to-do list. In one evening, the five people who came helped us finish about 8 hours of work.¬†Typically, between Olive and I, we have 2-3 hours a week we could spend on these types of errands. So in essence, our small group helped us finish 3 weeks of work in that evening. And it was amazing. They were efficient and effective and had a lot of fun along the way. On top of that, Olive and I were able to enjoy their great company. We are blessed to be a part of this amazing community and we felt loved and served by them. So, thank you small group!

Here’s what our small group helped us do:
– return items at Sears
– return items at Toys R’ Us
– pick up free baby supplies package at Toys R’ Us
– buy air freshener
– buy rug for bathroom
– buy breastmilk bags
– buy nursing pads
– buy missing screw for our ottoman
– return library books
– mail packages at the post office
– clean bathroom
– clean kitchen
– throw out garbage and recycling
– wash dishes
– install crib bumper
– put together online photobook
– research TV/internet deals
– precooked a meal of beef stew and brought it over for us
– brought a platter of huge sushi
– and most importantly, babysit Alena

If you know of new parents and want to serve them, consider volunteering to run their errands for an afternoon or evening.