Hot Off the Press: Our Books Are In Print!

tim chan —  May 16, 2013 — 7 Comments

Guess what arrived in the mail today? 

Pre-order Hard Copies of Fight With Me and Then Came The Baby

Olive and I are very excited to announce the arrival of hard copies of our books, Fight With Me and Then Came The Baby! There’s just something very different about holding the actual print copy of a book (compared to reading the ebook version on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone). Even more exciting is that these hard copies are now available for you, our readers!

Want to get your own hard copy of our books? You have three options. I’ll list them out first and explain them in more detail below: a) Order online from Create Space or, b) Order online from Amazon, or c) Pick them up in person.

OPTION A: Order online from Create Space

Create Space is a great online print-on-demand company (owned by Amazon) that allows you to order as many or as few copies of the book as you want and will ship to wherever you are in the world. We are excited to offer our blog readers a special Pay What You Can pricing on both of our books if you buy from Create Space. Since our heart is to help as many people as possible with our writing, we don’t want cost to be a prohibiting factor for anyone. That said, we also want to allow those who have found value in our writing to support our work. So you can buy our book at cost or if you feel like it’s worth more, you can pay a little extra. To get the Pay What You Can price, simply decide which price you want to pay for the book and apply the appropriate coupon code as listed below. Please note, with Create Space, you will need to pay shipping separately.

Here are the Pay What You Can prices for our books with Create Space:

Fight With Me (click on link to order):
$4 – our cost to print this book (Coupon code: JJ5Z7QSV)
$6 (Coupon code: P556AWCA)
$8 (Coupon code: J4ZKLMM4)
$10 (No code required)

Then Came The Baby (click on link to order):
$6 – our cost to print this book (Coupon code: JRF84CRS)
$9  (Coupon code: JZPUCSCM)
$12 (Coupon code: EHRAWKEM)
$15 (No code required)

OPTION B: Order online from Amazon 

If you aren’t particular about the price of our books and would rather get free shipping, or if you have other things you want to buy online, Amazon is the route to go. Both Fight With Me ($10) and Then Came The Baby ($15) qualify for the FREE Super Saver Shipping (free shipping on orders over $25). (Click on links to order from Amazon). When you buy from Amazon, $4 and $6 respectively goes to the “Allie Chan Food Fund”.

OPTION C: Pick up in person

If you are in Toronto, Hong Kong, or Vancouver, you can pre-order the books and pick them up from us. Why these 3 cities? Well, it’s because we’ll be visiting Toronto and Hong Kong this year and hosting a Meet and Greet in both cities (and of course, we live near Vancouver, so you can come visit us or we can visit you and drop off the book in person). All of our friends, family, and blog readers (who we consider our extended family) are invited to come!

Here are the details:
TORONTO: Saturday, June 1st from 2-6pm in Markham (please RSVP on the Facebook invite or by email).
HONG KONG: Sometime between August 14-19th. Email us and we’ll send you the details.
VANCOUVER: All year round. You can come see us anytime (except for when we’re in Toronto and Hong Kong, obviously).

To pre-order books, fill in the form at the bottom of the page, and we will specially reserve copies of the books for you to come pick up. (Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay first, and if you change your mind later, it’s okay. We just want to make sure we have ENOUGH books for everyone that wants one.) You can Pay What You Can for these books (our costs are $3 for Fight With Me and $4 for Then Came The Baby – it was cheaper because we bought in bulk).

Pre-order form: (If you don’t see the form below, click HERE to access the form directly.)

Our books are in print!

Happy reading!


  • Lisa Ting

    How exciting that the books are in print! I love the photos!

    By the way, the Ting family has been considering a trip to Hong Kong in August! Now we might have to actually make it happen!

    • olivechan

      Lisa, that would be so amazing if we got to see each other this summer!

  • Congrats guys!

  • William Sinclair

    I am SO HAPPY for you guys!!!!!!!!!!! I almost wept with joy!

  • Jenny Tang

    Yeah!!! They in hard copy (and that’s what I have been waiting for too :D ). I can come and pick them up sometimes & visit you guys as well.

    • We’d love for you to come visit Jenny! (And you can visit Tiff too!)

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