Our Summer Plans

tim chan —  June 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

Hi everyone,

We thought we’d take a break from our regular blog posts today and write you a personal note.

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who read our blog, share it with others, and leave thoughtful comments and questions. You are the main reason we continue to write and we’re grateful for you.

Second, we will be blogging less in these next summer months. Since the blog started, we’ve posted 2-3 new blog posts every week. For the summer, it will be just one post. Why? Mainly we’d like to spend more time with family, so we are taking it easier on a few of our regular responsibilities. Summer in Vancouver is a wonderful time and we’re planning to make the most of it by going to the beach with Allie, taking evening strolls, going to the park, visiting friends, going on picnics, attending weddings, and travelling (to Asia for my brother’s wedding!)

Our summer plans

One other thing we are doing this summer is going on a personal retreat. There is a great retreat centre called Rivendell, on nearby Bowen Island, that we plan to go to in July. Tim will go for 2 nights while Olive takes care of Allie, and then we’ll switch and Olive will go for 3 nights while Tim takes care of Allie. We are looking forward to this time very much, as it will give us some time to step back, read, journal, and reflect in silence (which will mean more food for thought on our blog!).

Don’t worry, we’ll still be checking our emails and reading comments left on our blog posts, so feel free to contact us anytime. We may just be a bit slower than usual in responding.

Have a great summer,
Tim and Olive

PS – By the way, if you haven’t heard yet, our books are now in print. We ordered 200 copies of the books a month ago and  now we only have 50 copies left. You can buy a copy directly from us or order it off Amazon and Create Space. To allow as many people as possible to read our books, we’ve priced the books at “Pay What You Can.”

All the geese

Allie on the swing

Allie playing in the sand