Reasons My Daughter is Crying

tim chan —  June 6, 2013 — 5 Comments

“Why is your daughter crying?” is a question that I have been asked hundreds of times – and I’ve only been a dad for 1.5 years. Inspired by this dad, Olive and I decided to start writing down the reasons why Allie cried. To give other soon-to-be parents a more realistic view of life with a 1-year old, we’ve posted a few of these reasons (along with some photos).

Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

She tripped, fell down, and bumped her head (this happens at least once a day).


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

She did not like the taste of the soap bar (which daddy let her play with but did not expect her to take a bite out of).


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

She did not like the travel crib we bought her.


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

Daddy picked her up (and not Mommy).


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

Mommy started dancing to the song (while holding her).


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

Daddy did not let her throw the strawberries on the couch.


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

Daddy and Mommy’s non-Asian friend smiled at her (or waved at her, or looked at her, or said hello to her… this happens a lot).


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

Daddy would not give her a 12th animal cookie to eat.


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

We don’t know.


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

There are no more limes to eat (Allie really likes eating limes).


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

Her milk is in a new cup.


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

Daddy wouldn’t let her eat the rice she found on the floor.


Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

The Sesame Street video of Elmo singing with the ducks ended.

Other reasons my daughter may be crying:

– Bath time started
– Bath time is over
– We are changing her diaper
– It took longer than zero seconds to put on her shirt

Just in case you think that all our daughter does it cry, here’s a photo of her crinkling her nose with her dad.

Allie, can you crinkle your nose?


PS- Allie, if you are seeing this for the first time, we hope that you find this funny and entertaining. But if seeing these photos is very embarrassing to you, then we owe you an apology (but we are sure that this will not be the first, or last, time that you are embarrassed by your parents).

  • Ricky Shetty

    Awesome collection of pictures and descriptions – love the disclaimer at the end! :)

  • Jenny

    lol…this made my day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tiff

    HAHAHA – see, look how funny this post turned out! Allie, we’re totally laughing at your expense… I can kind of see your dad’s amused look in the background of some photos…

  • Sue

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing these. I think they’d be great to show new parents, or parents-to-be. As you noted, babies/young children do not spend their ENTIRE day crying, but they do sometimes cry for reasons which seem completely nuts to us as adults. :) And, it helps to know that you are not alone as a parent. When our oldest daughter was a baby, I really struggled with guilt when she would cry, feeling like I had somehow failed her as a parent. As she grew older, and as we added subsequent children, we soon learned that sometimes they just cry and there’s not much you can do about it. :)

  • KarenM

    Having two teenaged girls who used to be this cute and also cried for these reasons, I loved reading this post. It was a difficult time with a one year old but also very delightful, as I’m sure you can attest to. From my current perspective, it seems like the toddler stage was easier to figure out but I’d have to get back to you in 10 years to really give you a true perspective when we have finished with both stages. I also have 3 boys. They cried too but it seems that the girls, toddler and teens, were a little bit more difficult to figure out. But I’ve heard from other moms that it’s more the personality of the child rather than the gender.

    Thanks, Allie for being real and open and honest with your parents. They’ll never stop loving you. <3