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Dear Depressed Me,

I love you. But I haven’t always loved you like this. I used to struggle with accepting who you were. I used to love you partially—with some reservations and hesitancies. I used to dislike you. Resent you at times, even. But my love for you is different now. It’s deeper and fuller.
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[“Courage Is” is a guest post series of readers sharing their personal stories of courage and what it means to live courageously. This is Marcela De Vivo‘s story.]

When I was only 36 weeks pregnant, I was told that my son wouldn’t survive birth and that if he did, he would likely quickly die after birth or before his first birthday.
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Learning to Wait Well

olive chan —  December 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

The first thing I said to Tim this morning was “I’m done waiting.  I’m going to go about my day however I want and this baby can come whenever.”  It’s not entirely true, of course, because as long as this belly is about to burst, I’ll still be waiting.  But I certainly do not want to live today in the same fevered pitch of anticipation that we lived in yesterday.  You see, yesterday, we were so excited and hopeful that we had packed all our bags (PJs and all), only to make it to the end of the day completely exhausted and have to unpack some things to settle in for the night.  The upside, I suppose, was that we both had really good sleeps.
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