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 [This is a preview of a guest post I wrote for Paul Sohn’s blog, Salt + Light. Paul writes to equip readers with edifying, stimulating, biblical, and robust ideas and perspectives on people, change, leadership, and the Christian life on his blog.]

If you’re a young professional, taking a Sabbatical is a crucial part of growing your career and focusing your calling in life. What is a Sabbatical? It is an extended rest from work, or a hiatus, in order to achieve something.

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Finding my Calling in Life

tim chan —  November 8, 2011 — 5 Comments

Two weeks ago I was at a dinner discussion hosted by the Acumen Fund. Our topic of conversation for the evening was “Living a Life of Purpose.” Questions that came up during the course of dinner were, “What is Life’s Purpose and how do we find our purpose?”, “Who decides what our purpose is?”, and “Do we have one or more purposes in life?”. All good questions.
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