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What I Learned” is a guest post series of lessons learned in relationships that matter the most (you can send us your story too). This guest post is by our friend Hannah Wong Greiner.

[Before you go any further, kindly click on this YouTube Link and let it play as you scroll down to read this post.] Many of you will be familiar with the story Alice in Wonderland, especially the animated Disney version released in 1951. The most memorable song for me is the “Unbirthday Song.” In that scene, Alice is shocked to see the Mad Hatter, March Hare and the very adorable Dormouse celebrating what they explain is an unbirthday party, which occurs 364 days out of the year. She soon joins the party and has a fun time singing and enjoying tea and cake.
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It’s my 32nd birthday today. When I was young, my father taught me that I should buy my mother a gift on every one of my birthdays, because she had worked so hard to give me life. I took my dad’s suggestion so he would not cancel my allowance because I love my mom.
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Please Celebrate Your Birthday

tim chan —  October 15, 2012 — 17 Comments

So your birthday’s coming up.

Soon you will turn 20, or a quarter of a century, or 29, or the big 3-0 (…GASP), or 37, or whatever age you will be. You are trying not to think about it because there is this feeling of disappointment that comes with thought of getting another year older.
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