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“You are so loved.” I paused when I read that these were some of the last words spoken to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo as he lay dying at the National War Memorial in Ottawa last week. So fitting, I thought. And so true. Everyone should hear that they are loved in their last moments. After all, there is probably nothing that is more true of us.

But as our country mourned the soldier’s death and celebrated his heroism, I found myself mourning the death of the gunman just as much.
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Mornings and I don’t get along. Even on the best of days without children, mornings are hard for me. Add round-the-clock nursing into the mix and getting up, let alone going out, takes herculean effort. All this to say, if I make a public appearance before noon these days, you can be sure it’s someplace that matters to me.

Now that we have two young children, getting out of the house is quite a production. In the three weeks that we have existed as a family of four, we have made it out as an entire family a grand total of 4 times. Of those occasions, only once have we gotten out the door in the morning.
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As I write this, I’m 37 weeks along with my second child. There have been similarities between the two pregnancies, but also differences. I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison post here, in case anyone is interested, but also for the sake of my second kid who’s barely gotten any “airtime,” unlike big sister who got a gazillion blog posts while she was in the womb. Hah.

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[This is a guest post by Dr. Nareeta Stephenson, a Port Coquitlam Chiropractor specializing in family chiropractic, women’s health and sensory processing disorder.]

• Is it a struggle to get socks on your child because the seams bug them or they are “pilly” inside?
• Does your child become upset with loud or unexpected noise? Or notice noises that most of us don’t hear (like fans, fridges, beeps or hums)?
• Does your child have a melt down when you enter the mall or any other busy place?
• Is your child PICKY eater?
• Does your child have a difficult time keeping their hands to themselves?

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[This is a guest post by James Radcliff.]

Choosing an education for your child is a critical decision given its impact on the long-term prospects and successes of your child in a personal and professional capacity. There is much debate about the type of education that merits the best results. The reason I think that comparing private to home school is interesting is because they are both options that generally cost money. In fact homeschooling can be more expensive than private school – since it usually requires a parent to give up working.
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How do children succeed in life? After I became a parent, I started to ask myself this question. What can my wife and I do to help my daughter succeed in life? What is “success” and what does it look like? As I’ve started reading about this subject, I’ve come across a few insights that I will share with you today.
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Hosting our children

olive chan —  January 31, 2012 — 1 Comment

A couple years ago, before I became a mother, I came across this passage about parents and children.  It was encouraging and visionary, and the idea of being hospitable to our children resonated with something deep in me.  At the time, even though I didn’t know when or if I’d become a parent, I took note of it and filed it away, thinking that it would probably come in handy sometime down the road.  I stumbled across it again while looking for something else this week.  And now I think it’s time to share it.
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Even before I became pregnant, I had been thinking about this new generation that will be growing up with their lives broadcast to the world via social networking, youtube and blogs.  On one hand, it’s a positive thing to be able to use the internet to keep family and friends up to date about how our families are doing and what the little ones are up to.  On the other hand though, I wonder what kind of a psychological impact all this publicity will have on these children who grow up with their photos and videos posted for the world to see (and in some cases, comment on).
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The Cookie Principle

olive chan —  July 2, 2008

[This is an exerpt written by Robert Currie in the March 2001 Focus on the Family magazine]

“A young girl explains the world to her newborn brother.

I’m your 5-year-old sister, Lori, and you’re my baby brother, Alex. Since you’re only 2 weeks old, I’m going to ‘splain life, ’cause it’s not easy for you. I know. I was young once, too.

Grown-ups can’t make up their minds. First they want one thing and then another. I know what I want. I want a cookie, but Mommy said, “No, how about a banana?” She said a cookie will ruin my appetite for supper. I don’t want supper. Supper ruins my appetite for a cookie. And I don’t want a banana. I want a cookie.

You see, grown-ups are always trying to get us to do stuf we don’t want to do. If there’s a TV show I want to watch, Mommy tries to get me to color or play a game. By the time I get to be a grown-up, I won’t know what I want anymore.

But kids know what they want. Do we want to go to bed? No. Do we want a cookie? Yes. When was the last time somebody asked kids if they wanted to do something and the kids said, “We don’t know”?

I kinda feel sorry for Mommy and Daddy. They can’t help it. They’re grown-ups. They can’t decide whether to leave the toilet seat up or down. Daddy wants it up. Mommy wants it down. They were talking real loud about it today. I asked them why they were arguing. Daddy said they weren’t arguing. He said they were discussing. After they were done, I snuck in the bathroom. I put the toilet seat back up so I could hear them discuss it again.

Mommy can’t decide what to fix for dinner. I told her to fix cookies. She said no. In the morning, she can’t decide what to wear. Daddy asked her what she want to do Saturday. She said she doesn’t know.

Daddy is just as bad. Each night he grows whiskers, but in the morning he changes his mind and shaves them off. Then he sits in his chair with his ‘mote control and changes channels all the time. Daddy’s been a grown-up for too long; he doesn’t know what to watch. I bet when he was a kid he wanted a cookie real bad but his parents made him eat different foods like bananas and stuff.

He doesn’t even know which job he should do. He is thinking about changing jobs, but it’s hard for him to decide. So Daddy listened to a tape. The man on the tape said people who are ‘cessful figure out what they want and go after it. In that case, I’m going to be real ‘cessful, ’cause I really want a cookie.

When the tape was over, Mommy was nice. She talked real sweet to Daddy and asked him which job he really wanted. Daddy was sad. He shook his head and said he didn’t know. So Mommy hugged him. I hugged him, too, and I gave him a cookie.”

And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
~Matthew 18:3~

photo credit: John Flinchbaugh via photo pin cc