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“Are these tears of gratitude?” my counsellor asked as my eyes began to well up. I bit my lower lip and rivers of pain spilled down my face.

“No.” I answered. “I have no words for it yet, but obviously it’s something deep.” I was surprised by the sudden release of emotion. She had asked me a question about Tim and our marriage.
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4 Types of Dating

tim chan —  February 28, 2013 — 23 Comments

When a friend tells me that he or she is dating, I usually ask them to explain what exactly they mean by the word “dating.” When they give me a blank stare, I prompt them by asking: Is it casual dating? Serious dating? Courtship? Are you seeing each other? Friends with benefits? Hooking up? What’s the goal? Where is this relationship headed? “Dating” can mean so many different things.
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9 Ways to Cheer Up Your Wife

tim chan —  December 27, 2012 — 7 Comments

Is your wife in a bad mood? Or is she just tired? Here are 9 great ideas for cheering up your wife.
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As new parents, it’s hard to find a regular babysitter and go out for date nights (like we used to). So we’ve had to use our creativity to find fun things to do on Friday evenings after Allie goes to bed.
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10 Fun Date Night Ideas

tim chan —  November 19, 2012 — 8 Comments

While we were engaged, one of our mentors advised us to keep on dating after we got married. Having regular fun and dedicated times together would help the marriage stay strong. We took their advice and have gone on a date every week for the last 4 years.
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