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For a long time I hadn’t really understood what the big deal was about potty training. It was simple! At least it was for my first child. But when we were a month into training my second-born and still having regular accidents, I could see how potty training earned it’s reputation as “dreaded.”

As I reflected on this particular experience of potty training, I learned several things about myself. They weren’t new discoveries – more like patterns I’d already known about myself that surfaced in a new context.

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Dear Depressed Me,

I love you. But I haven’t always loved you like this. I used to struggle with accepting who you were. I used to love you partially—with some reservations and hesitancies. I used to dislike you. Resent you at times, even. But my love for you is different now. It’s deeper and fuller.
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Beauty Redefined by a Toddler

olive chan —  October 28, 2013 — 2 Comments

“Mama, look at this one!” my daughter waved an autumn leaf excitedly. “And this one!” as she bent down to pick up another. Watching her run here and there, one would think there was endless treasure scattered everywhere about her. To her, there was.

As I reached out my hand to receive the gift she was extending to me, I tried to remain positive and supportive. The leaf was withered, speckled and half-decayed.
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I find it difficult to be kind to myself. I am my own harshest critic, taskmaster and mean-faced bully. I have been for many years already. I would probably continue to be, except that I have encountered grace and found it to be a much more enjoyable way of living. So I’m learning how to be kinder to myself; to be hospitable to my own soul and to extend generosity to the person I most closely live with.
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[This is a preview of a guest post I wrote for SheLoves Magazine]

“Haha, you’re cross-eyed!” “Cross-eyed! Cross-eyed!” The kids in the schoolyard mercilessly taunted me. This, unfortunately, was one of my earliest memories at school.
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