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With my first child, I got to experience Advent in a deeper way as I anticipated the birth of my baby in the months leading up to Christmas. With this second child, I am experiencing Lent on a new level as I journey with Christ toward the crucifixion and Easter. Continue Reading…

The theme for the third week of Advent is Joy. One thing that I’ve thought about this year is the relationship between gratitude and joy. I started off thinking that we are grateful as a result of joy. For example, I have a great family that brings me joy, and because of that, I am grateful. Or my boss just praised me for doing a great job on a recent project which brings me joy, and as a result I feel grateful.

But it seems I may have been mistaken.
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It’s September and all the students are back to school. I remember the years when I was a student and the feelings associated with the start of school. It was a mixture of

  • Disappointment – about the end of the long summer days of sleeping in, watching movies, going to the beach, and vacationing
  • Dread – from knowing that this would be the beginning of long classes, lots of homework, group projects, and difficult exams
  • Anticipation – of getting to reunite with friends, interacting with favourite teachers, and starting to learn again.

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