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Our Word for 2018: WONDER

olive chan —  January 3, 2018

Every January, we set aside a day to assess where we’re at and plan for the year ahead. We call it our “Blue Day” (a more detailed description of it can be found in our free e-book, Fight With Me). We always begin our Blue Day with a bit of silence and solitude, out of which usually arises a word that becomes our theme for the year. For 2018, our word is WONDER.
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I considered it a grand experiment. How would a mother of two young kids and wife to an entrepreneur manage to take a whole month off to rest? That was the big question.
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[This is a guest post by Emily Joseph]

Do you know that one in four children has a problem with her vision that could be affecting her ability to learn? That’s according to the American Optometric Association, which also says that many eye problems aren’t detected during routine exams.
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Our Word for 2013: Courage

olive chan —  January 7, 2013 — 6 Comments

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the face of fear.” – Unknown

As we launch into 2013, Tim and I both feel significantly drawn to the word, “Courage.” It’s an invitation, a challenge, a rally cry and a prayer.
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[This is a preview of a guest post I wrote for SheLoves Magazine]

“Haha, you’re cross-eyed!” “Cross-eyed! Cross-eyed!” The kids in the schoolyard mercilessly taunted me. This, unfortunately, was one of my earliest memories at school.
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